December 16, 2009

Will Leone be replaced quickly?

Mayor Art Ward said this afternoon he hasn't decided whether to try to appoint someone to fill John Leone's seat on the Bristol Downtown Development Corp. in time to participate in Monday's Showdown Session II.
He said there are four or five names floating around as possible picks.
The mayor said yesterday he wouldn't want to appoint somebody unless the person was familiar enough with the issues to get caught up on specifics over the weekend. He also wanted to ensure that whoever is picked is neutral on which developer should get the nod.
I've heard of one possible successor who might fit the mold, but I don't want to mention the man until we have more confirmation.
If there is an effort to fill Leone's seat, Ward would nominate the person and the City Council would have to give its blessing at an emergency session, perhaps on Friday.
Details will follow when we hear 'em.
Meantime, if you're itching to take a beating from a bunch of anonymous people online, feel free to call the mayor and tell him you want the job. By the way, there's no pay and the hours are sometimes awful.
At least, though, you get to hang out with Frank Johnson, the BDDC's chair. That's worth something, right?
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Anonymous said...

Who has attended any meetings?
Who has followed the process?

How can one be neutral after they have read the proposals?

How can one be neutral today and make an intelligent decision Monday?

Unless they go with the out of towner, or someone chages their vote, it won't make any difference anyhow.

HAs Ward spoken with either developer since the meeting, or will he speak with them after he has some names in mind?

Anonymous said...

Will Ward be replaced quickly?

Anonymous said...

Now we will see who Ward is making deals with.

Will be interetsting, and surprising.

Anonymous said...

Story is that Leones replacement will be a big business man with ties to Zoppo.

Interesting if true.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what kind of deal Ward made?

Anonymous said...


And a Republican at that!

Anonymous said...

And Carpenter gets to play in the sandbox again.