December 29, 2009

How would YOU illustrate a Bristol in 2035 story?

Anybody have any suggestions?
And if you're a budding artist, cartoonist or other illustrator, assuming you can work fast, you could offer up a vision of the city 25 years from now that we could use with the story. C'mon, artistic-minded folks. My stick figures just don't cut it.
Maybe, though, Bristol will look like this scene from Youth Journalism International's Senior Cartoonist Justin Skaradosky:

That was Justin's image of what might happen in Bristol if the Press vanished.

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Anonymous said...

A big hole in the earth . With a big sign this was BLESSING.

Anonymous said...

Justin's drawing reminds me of the mall development proposal that D'Amato submitted, lol. Well actually his drawing, is much better and way more detailed than the unprofessional crap D'Amato was was nothing more than a joke and obviously very little effort went into it.