December 5, 2009

Capital coverage of Connecticut politics? Let's hope so.

Good luck to "Capitol Hill" , a newcomer that's trying to keep up with all of the Connecticut political news on a website whose appearance reminds me of one created by somebody who used to be big on the net.
Its biggest initial failure is missing the chance to link to The Tattoo, the Connecticut-based teen-written newspaper that's been churning out great material for more than 15 years. But that will surely be remedied soon.

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Anonymous said...

A rip off of the Drudge Report. Let's see if Capital Report is as good.

Anonymous said...

A poor rip-off at that! The reporters list should be in alphabetical order. This is probably going to be the kind of attention to detail with gotten use to in the old media. I think I'll stay with Drudge.