December 17, 2009

Backers of BDDC defend downtown overseers

Before the dust can settle on the downtown stalemate, the chairman of the Bristol Downtown Development Corp. is defending the board’s work and local business leaders are weighing in, asking for action. Read the rest of reporter Jackie Majerus' story here.

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Positively Right said...

Don't blame the BDDC as much as we all should blame the reckless politicians (Bristol Democrats) who started this whole debacle by purchasing the mall in the first place (for an inflated price).

Anonymous said...

And where were the republicans in all of this??

And where are they now???

Positively Right said...

December 17, 2009 9:36 AM:

They (the Bristol GOP) are up to their old trick of being inept and insignificant which is a reflection of the leaders they choose.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jerry7 and Kosta we sit in shit. Tell us about the money they got and the free trips to GRECCE AND 500k.That was kept quiet.

Anonymous said...

lETS SELL THE PROPERTY AND GET RID OF THESE POLITICAL ASS KISSERS. They failed the tax payers no way around it.Big waste of time.

Positively Right said...

December 17, 2009 9:36 AM aka my friend:

They're in outer space. Where else? Or as you say, they're like a monkey trying to make love to a football.

Anonymous said...

9:36 AM: Like all Monday morning quarterbacks, you're pretty sharp. Can you lend us your "Way Back Machine" so we can do this over?

This was not a debacle when it all started back in 2003. The economy was in fine shape, and everybody in Bristol was calling for City Hall to step in because the absentee landlord owner was running Centre Mall into the ground. It was the right move at the time.

Jean Letourneau said...

How much money has the BDDC spent in since they began?

Anonymous said...

this mall was on the market for 3 million the city paid 5 million. Whos pockets got filled they both belong in jail. But the politicans proteck each other. Its not hard to trace and one of these guys gets a disabilty pension on top of it.