December 1, 2009

Obama's Afghanistan speech

So, Bristol, what did you think? Is the president making the right decision?

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Excellent speech by a great President!

He is far and away a much improved leader, commander-in-chief and diplomat compared with the bumbling idiot "shrub" we (thankfully) don't hear from any longer! Long live President OBAMA!!!

Of course, the biggest question remains for those of us who are informed and realize that WAR IS A PROFITABLE BUSINESS: which corporation(s) will benefit most from the $30 billion coming from the U.S. taxpayers?

Lockheed Martin?
General Electric?
General Dynamics?

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Doug Hardy said...

Feel like he killed the Vietnam comparison once and for all and defined the issues of what's at stake and what to expect if we don't stabilize the new gov't - warts and all. It's our responsibility to help the new gov't stand up and prepare to protect itself from Islamic extremism. I don't believe it's right or humane to allow men to treat women and girls like possessions anywhere. That's not a culture, it's cruel sexist extremism. But hey that's just my opinion. Oh yeah, and maybe one of these days we'll kill the bleeper who gave the order to bomb the WTC. Bonus.

Doug Hardy said...

All that said, Give Peace a Chance makes an excellent point - that our entire economy is based on the need to continue defense spending, which means the need to use up our hardware inventory on occasion. It's a sad state of affairs and may mean that the wrong people are running the gov't.

Anonymous said...

The President always gives a nice speech, but lets hope his own party doesn't try and kill this surge. You either need to be in the fight to win or not be in the fight. I think his timeline is BS, because in the end don't you think the actual situtation on the ground will dictate the timeline.

I am all for a war tax, if it is paid by ALL, not a select few. It also needs to be a temporary tax and not something else.

Tim Gamache said...

I was really pleased there was no mention of creating a democratic government in Afghanistan,which would be an impossibility.The goals set by the President,to my singular opinion,are doable.Setting an exact timetable for withdrawal is a double edge sword.On the one hand Al Qieda need only wait until we withdraw to go on the offensive.On the other,the U.S. simply can not afford an open ended war with no real exit strategy.Benchmarks should have to be met in order for continued assitance from the coalition.Tricky stuff.

Anonymous said...

I wish the White House would quit telling all the news orgs exactly what the President is going to say in his speeches. Why bother watching if the Media Outlets already told us wtf he is going to be saying? It would also mean more to people if the President wouldn't always use speech writers. Lets hear his own words from his heart for once. I think he has a heart, right? lol

Positively Right said...

Nothing like a good war to boost the economy (one may have asked FDR) after a neo-socialist economic policy has turned out to be a miserable failure (B.O.'s poll numbers are in the 40 percent range today).
The community organizer may have in fact been a one term dud and may still be if this is a failure. Dumb-o-crats are still going to take it on the chin next year. Bush is an economic genius compared to this clown. Too bad B.O. is going to give all the oil we fought for in Iraq to his socialist comrades in Europe and China.


Positively Right? What a joke!


Had to double check this blog's name, because for a minute there, I thought this was the Frankfort, Kentucky blog.

Hey Rush, Is that you behind that unimaginative ID?

Anonymous said...

Political BS as usual! On this blog I mean !

Positively Right said...

Hmmm? fact check here:

1) Obama stimulus = a failure

2) Latest Obama approval (Rasmussen)= 45%

3)Bush's latest speech on free enterprise and big government= 100% correct

4) Cheney on Obama "dithering" = every agrees with Cheney except the bull-d___ Rachel Maddow, left-wing wack-job "Give peach a chance".

NOT mine said...

Apparently most folks did the same as I did .

Watched a dvd .

btw in response to ...

I don't believe it's right or humane to allow men to treat women and girls like possessions

December 1, 2009 10:47 PM

As long as the govt. forces americans to accept abortion , homo-sexual marriage , illegal aliens , political corruption ,etc... Our enemies have incentive to keep up THEIR fight .


Well, it seems the "real truth" (unfair and unbalanced as it is) has been revealed by Negatively Wrong, a.k.a. Cuckoo Conservative. LOL!

It's not even worth refuting point-by-point such "facts" because this guy is obviously too thick-headed to be persuaded by actual reality. A lost cause if there ever was one.

Got tea? :o)

Positively Right said...


You calling anyone "cuckoo" is the epitome of hypocrisy.

And your inability to rebut me point by point and your propensity to name-call shows not only the fact that I am correct but it also shows your intellectual shortcomings.

Class dismissed.


Dear Cuckoo Wrong/Negatively Conservative:

Ability has nothing to do with my decision not to "rebut" your inane comments. More to the point, I really can't be bothered.

Sorry to disappoint you, but you're simply not challenging enough for me. However, you are humorous and good for a laugh or two.

Now, go sit down and behave yourself or you'll be sent to the principal's office, little boy.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

Commander-in-chief? In name only.

Maybe Bush wasn't so bad after all...

Anonymous said...

BRAVO, Anonymous WestConn Student!

Positively Right said...

westconnSTUDENT et al:

1) Actually the economy was in recovery after the crash of '29 before FDR went over board with socialism and almost re-destroyed the economy. And if you don't think WW2 boosted the economy you must have been taking those Obama ecstacy pills or something.

2)Rasmussen was more accurate during the last election so, you're hyperbole is silly. And 50.1 percent sucks anyway (for Obama..and you I guess).

3) Rebutting your 3rd comment is pointless, because you made no point. If you think big government helps the private sector and if you think people in the USA enjoy the best standard of living because of anything but capitalism, then again you've been taking those Obama ecstacy pills

4) I never said Bush went into Iraq for oil, but even if he did at least there's something there the people of the US need. How's taking your bicycle to Danbury every day working for you (as if)?

-Instead of answering me, just take another Obama ecstacy pill and continue being a non-productive, benefitor of the welfare state and be happy.

Anonymous said...

There are efforts in Congress to make the tax system favor the middle class. But how effective and equitable can this be if middle-class civil servants, who do little to make the country wealthier, are included in these benefits? Essentially raising their incomes will hinder rather than aid the economy. How can you compare our economy now to the 1960's? That doesn't make sense. We are living in a very different world economically. Why not try looking to the future not living in the past. Just a thought.


Well, at least you gave it the ol' college try, Anonymous Westconn Student.

Unfortunately, Negatively Wrong/Cuckoo Conservative is way too thick headed and arrogant to admit when he's incorrect, even to the point where he must resort to fabricating falsehoods to keep his delusions going.

He's just like shrub, but even more irritating.

And what's all this BS about ecstacy pills? Strange.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Dear Anonymous Westconn Student:

Please consider changing your ID to Anonymous Westconn Professor.

Very impressive points based on researched facts.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Are the same old whining naysayers changing their anonymous name to "Positively right?" It sounds like the same old no-it-alls with a new name.