December 16, 2009

Janelle hangs tough

When the president of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce called on Bristol Downtown Development Corp. member Jennifer Janelle to quit, she refused.
“Of course he wants me to resign,” Janelle told Press reporter Jackie Majerus. “I’m not part of the old crony political crowd in Bristol.” Read the whole story.
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Anonymous said...

Mike has all the answers since he he it it big .

Anonymous said...

She is right about Nicastro his stand on healthcare shows his true good old boys colors. We all know that ward will not bring forward the name of a woman (52% of the city) or a person of color (30% of the city). I do not agree with her position however I suport her right to have it. Perhaps the good old boys on the panel will have to listen to all of the members down the road.

Anonymous said...


i don't know who you are, and i don't care, but you were given a great responsibility to be on this board.

did you have all the time you needed to completely review these candidates? probably not.

however, the idea of this vote was to select a PREFERRED developer, THEN completely vet their credentials. i presume that during this process, you could then decide if the preferred developer meets the stated criteria. if not, i presume there are steps that can then be taken to sever the relationship and start over.

by your inactions [as with mr. leones'] you have shown bristol to be a dysfunctional, unorganized, non-progressive town who cannot make intelligent decisions on its' future.

oh yes, your cries of cronyism do resonate [bristol is a good-ol-boy, quid-pro-quo blue collar union town for sure,] but your inactions speak louder than words.

i had high hopes for you and your future, but now, i'm afraid your reputation is soiled.

-billy from bristol

Anonymous said...

-billy from bristol - only having 2 developers to choose from is not right for Bristol. The BDDC should go back out. The economy is improving and we should see who else is out there that is ready to take on this type of project. Why the rush? We have been looking at the mall empty for 4 years now. Whats another few months? Shoot from the hip politics in Bristol needs to stop. Miss Janelle all us generation x voters stand by you. Please make sure we are not back in this same mess 30 years from now. Plus how come the BDDC did not hire a consultant to vent this devlopers? There are plenty of firms that do this kind of work. Many many questions still!

Anonymous said...

Let me make this perfectly clear --- ALL Gen X'ers are NOT behind Jennifer Janelle.

Her inability to communicate her dissatisfaction with the process until the 11th hour does NOT shine a positive light on our generation. Nor does it speak to our core values and beliefs. It makes her look like a whiny brat who saw an opportunity to grab some attention.

I don't care if she is 40/50/60 white, black, purple, male, female or any version of the above. She did this community a humungous disservice.

Nashua spent 8 months vetting this contractor? But we didn't call a single reference? How did she discover the 8 month time frame then? No one picked up the phone and called the City Planner or equivicable position there to ask how it was going? Why didn't Jennifer? She is on the board that is supposed to be researching this.... Hmmmm.....

Positively Right said...

Mike Nicastro is correct (enough said).

Positively Right said...
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Anonymous said...

Great job Janelle. Don't let these people bully you into voting for either developer. Your reasons for voting no make perfect sense. And, Mr. Nicastro you should be ashamed of yourself for asking for her resignation when you KNOW she is right. Maybe you should resign due to your shortsightedness and lack of due diligence.

Anonymous said...

Word is that many of the reservations expressed were brought up before and nothing was done about it.
She apparently went about it professionally and didn't want to embarass the board publicly, but they, and the experts did not do their job.

We need people like her to raise the questions and represent all aspects of our community.

Anonymous said...

Gen X does NOT support her, not one bit. She messed up, and should take a hike.

Anonymous said...

Word is... How does not expressing the fact that she believes the BDDC is doing the city and it's people a disservice being of service and responsible to this community? Her answer to her call of duty was to serve the people in her community not protect the board. There isn't even an objection to holding the vote on record. How would an objection shine ill light on the board? Janelle seems to have no problem opening her mouth and publicly embarrassing anyone after the fact. Can't wait to hear her "I told you so." The bottom line is she did a bad job whether it was to vote or to serve the community. She did neither.

Anonymous said...

It's so easy to blame your inadequate behavior on cronyism and everything else, but at the end of the day you are the one who needs to look in the mirror and take responsibility. It is you and you alone who decided, at the last minute, to not act and you knew the citizens of this city were looking for something to jump start us as a city and you blew it!

It's nobody's fault but your own and cronyism has nothing to do with your decision unless someone was offering you something you couldn't refuse and felt that holding this project off would net you something in return in which case you need to be investigated. So what's your story now?

Anonymous said...

Johnson, Lodovico, Leone, Wright.

All members of the good old boy group.

Who appointed them?

The other three have not been involved

Anonymous said...

To 7:49 PM. Let's tally up the votes of the "good old boy group" that you cited:

Johnson - Renaissance Group
Lodovico - Renaissance Group
Wright - D'Amato
Leone - abstained

My keen analysis tells me that only one of these four BDDC members voted for the local guy, presumably another member of the so-called "good old boy group".

So your point is what???

Anonymous said...


My point, which you obviously missed, was that they are memebers of the good old boys and that was a factor in their appoinment.
The two developers were not in the picture three years ago, so they did not figure in the appointment, but may not be the case with Leones replacement.
And, would you have been willing to have bet that Leone would not have voetd for DMATO?