December 18, 2009

A new push for rail

More people would ride a train — to commute to work or college, to travel to New York for business or pleasure — than would use the proposed busway from New Britain to Hartford, a group of local and state lawmakers said Thursday.
State Sen. Donald DeFronzo, D-New Britain, who chairs the transportation committee and called Thursday’s meeting, said he’s not convinced that people would use a busway between the Hardware City and Hartford.
“I’ve always had my doubts about the practicality of it,” DeFronzo said. He said there aren’t a lot of public voices against the busway, but the private sentiment is there. Read the rest of reporter Jackie Majerus' story here.

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chris wilson said...

I think when I was travelling in massachesetts last week I heard on the local radio station that the MBTA is 8.5 Billion in debt. (Howie Carr) Rail does not work anywhere without significant government subsidy. So in addition to the infrastructure costs you have the operationals costs. I hope we are careful with this strategy/idea.

Anonymous said...

The costs of subsidizing mass transit are a whole lot lower than the price of adding more roads or even keeping up the ones we have.

Anonymous said...

Another crusade for Nicastro(s).

Have we justified either option, are we prepared to pay for either option?

But then, government doesn't function like a business, does it?

Positively Right said...


I agree with you and Howie Caaahh.

However the bus line is a totally stupid idea. Who will it serve except the welfare class or the inner city class?

Killing both ideas is the best idea. But if if forced to choose one, rail is better.

Odin said...

Why are we only hearing from the local politicians? What do the economic development experts have to say about rail over bus? I wish the Bristol Press would stop quoting the self-serving politicians, and get some real information for us.

Anonymous said...

And what is Bristol DOING about their involvement?

Or are we just willing to accept whatever happens?

Anonymous said...

Too bad Nicastro (both of them) don't do more than just talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Chamber is all talk and NO action!