December 13, 2009

Downtown D-Day may be Monday

The Bristol Downtown Development Corp. plans Monday to pick one of two competing developers to head the effort to pump life into the former downtown mall site.
Reporter Jackie Majerus wrote this story taking a look at the financial condition and background of both firms.
It's at least interesting the Renaissance Downtowns, the Long Island developer, provided a fair amount of information while D'Amato Realty, the hometown option, declined the chance to comment.
Without talking about the merits of either company, surely we want a developer that's going to be open about itself and its plans. The worst thing Bristol could do in searching for a project the community can embrace would be to choose a firm that prefers to keep things  secret.
This is either going to be a community project, done openly and honestly, or the mall site is going to be nothing more than a vacant lot for a long, long time.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, I agree about the need for openness.
Why not be forthright unless you know you have lock on the project.

Anonymous said...

Will politics and favoritism rear its ugly head, again?

Anonymous said...

Just keep it simple.

Positively Right said...

What you're saying Collins is true except for the fact that a local developer like the D'Amatos (whom also is and have been active in the community for decades) will be very accountable because of the aformentioned fact. In other words because D'Amato is our neighbor, they can easily be called on and are more trustworthy than someone from out of state.
Also grandiose plans in this instance are non-viable in my opinion.

Steve Collins said...

Grandiose schemes are the only kind that ever transform a community. If you dream small, you get small. If you dream big, well, you might make it. Some do.
But it is true that Bristol knows D'Amato. That means something, too.

naysayers said...

why don't you idiots shut up and let the downtown panel do it's job.

Anonymous said...


Because it is OUR Downtown and OUR City too!!!!

We should go with the best, the best being what is best for Bristol and its future,

Ste, who is quite impartial, is right when he says, think small, get small.

Anonymous said...

THEY WILL SCREW THIS DEAL AND PICK THE LOCAL. Just to hang political signs on his property.

Anonymous said...

This panel will not make a decision. it took 3 years to get this far.

Anonymous said...

Between Cockyane and Mills they covered his property.

Anonymous said...

What does being "local" have to do with it?
They are local because it serves their needs, and they are making money.
Do they do work out of town, sure they do.
Do they own property out of town, sure they do.
More than likely, Renassaince would open an office here too.

By building quickly, we would get more tax money sooner.

Lets stop being parochial and do what is best for Bristol!

ugly is said...

10:36 - I can believe that you would be a judge of "ugly"

Anonymous said...

Looks very similar to many of the Florida "urban retail center" developments I've seen. West Palm Beach, Orlando, etc... Do we really need 750 more housing units?
PS. What is with the comment "Bristol has succeeded in moving away from manufacturing to the information industry. This was said because Bristol lost 20% of its manufacturing base in 8 years. NOT A GOAL, bad city management!!! This is not a predominantly white collar community, There are many out-of-work manufacturing personnel here.