December 16, 2009

City budget running in the red

There will be more on this soon, but the city ended its most recent fiscal year with a budget shortfall of $1.46 million, according to the comptroller’s office, and is eyeing another deficit this year that could total more than $1 million.
That's real money, even for government.

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Anonymous said...

Now that the election is over ALL this information should come out in total as was asked for some time back.
This administration is a farce: the mayor is lost financially, and the Controlller is just playing games.

We will be paying for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Like they said when the commies were about to take over my old country...better red than dead.

The commies rule Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Will this be three years for Ward of running the city in a deficit?

Can't he control expenses: we are not experiencing any inflation, why can't he stick to the budget (other than Rosenthal)?

Anonymous said...

A good part of the cause is that Ward overestimated revenues, so as to keep taxes down.

And he refuses to have other cost saving items addressed, however small!

For example, why were the Christmas decoaration light on the BLVD. on at 8:30 this morning?

Wardm you have to start being a manger!

Anonymous said...

Not even close, but the truth is starting to escape. The cover ups are horrific and with everyone having skin in the game Ward and Klocko can continue to bully their staff to be silent until the last minute.

Anonymous said...

bRISTOL needs leadership we cant wait any longer.But when you look back we never had and educated Mayor nor council.

Anonymous said...


What constitutes EDUCATION in your mind?

Anonymous said...

Will we ever get the full story?

Or will we continue to get only what they want us to hear?