December 17, 2009

Czenczelewski defends Renaissance

Former Republican City Council hopeful Derek Czenczelewski sent this along:
I made my support of Renaissance very clear before Monday's fiasco. I want you to know that I did so on the solid ground after having done research on this company while in college. To suggest that Renaissance has been anything other than transparent and honest is ridiculous. In addition, Mr. Monti has done numerous public speaking trips on the subject of real estate recovery and redevelopment. He's gone to many colleges, which is what initially got me interested while at UConn in Renaissance Downtowns. I understand Ms. Janelle is trying to back her statements, but the counter arguments are just as easy. She is accurate in saying that there have been some hardships along the way, as there are with all developers, but they have been worked out and moved forward accordingly.The Glen Isle Project was significantly slowed due to the large amount of toxic waste that had to be removed from the site.In addition, the original plan was deemed "too large" for the site, and after some long debate, it was established to scale

the project back a bit. That project is also significantly larger in scale: 56 acres to our 17. She also makes a valid point in that Renaissance has many offers out there, but then again, would you really trust a developer that only has one project on their agenda?
Here are some excerpts that help show the other side:
Dowling College Seminar
Donald Monti, Renaissance Real Estate Group
For more than thirty years, Donald Monti, one of the principals in RXR-Glen Isle Partners, LLC and Renaissance Real Estate Group, LLC, has played a major role in the
development, construction and management of numerous projects representing the hospitality,residential, commercial, health care, retail,marine, and medical sectors.
Throughout his career, Mr. Monti has been extremely involved in community affairs and received numerous honors for his philanthropic endeavors. Currently, he serves on the
Board of Directors for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation at North Shore University Hospital. This foundation was established by the Monti Family and is recognized as the premier organization dedicated to research, education and patient care in the field of oncology and hematology in the Long Island Tri-State area. He has also been honored as Man of the Year by the American Red Cross for his philanthropic contributions.
Mr. Monti’s hands-on approach in each of his projects, clearly demonstrates his commitment to excellence in all of his endeavors. His honesty and professionalism have earned him the respect of political leaders, fellow colleagues and members of the community.
Mr. Monti and his wife, Patti, are native Long Islanders, who enjoy spending their free time navigating their boat on the waters of Long Island Sound. They are the proud parents of Robbie, Melissa, Darren, and Justin.
Here's another article (He flat out says that they are in several communities, it was no secret and is basically smart business)
Renaissance Downtowns, a real estate development firm specializing in downtown revitalization projects, recently signed a development agreement for a project in Nashua, N.H. Renaissance's president and CEO, Donald Monti, said he has similar projects in 16 additional cities throughout the Northeast.
"This is a paradigm-shifting recession," Monti said. "The days of 'you build it and they will come' are over. We feel very strongly that the new business model will be centered on revitalizing our suburban downtowns, and New England is a perfect region to focus these
What Ms. Janelle failed to inform everyone of, is that the Glen Isle project has several developers and contractors involved...if anything, this proves that Mr Monti was being honest about getting other local developers involved (aka: D'Amato, Carpenter, Laviero et all)
Scaling down the project
On the new partnership.
...This issue at hand was over building height and number of units, with Monti holding firm in his assertion that the project should contain taller buildings and more units, with the Mayor being fearful of such a project and from public pressure to not make Glen Isle into "a city." They wanted the project to be smaller. Very similar arguments were made during the Blueback Square negotiations.
Hope this clears up some of the issues being discussed
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Anonymous said...

Too bad you came forward: you would have been a good choice to replace Leone.

Anonymous said...

DC just one of many Fiasco in this town one after another.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The way Builders and Developers ARE TREATED in Bristol who wants to come here. They give you an attitued when you walk in.So lets be happy a guy from out of town doesnt realize this.

Positively Right said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Derek put this information out there - there are always at least two sides to every story. There's a lot to consider here, and lets just HOPE that the BDDC was aware of Renaissance's background and history as discussed by Janelle and Derek.
That being said, I don't agree with what Janelle did AT ALL, but she has a point - the BDDC and its executive director had an obligation to do a thorough due diligence on these proposed preferred developers, and it doesn't seem like they did that leg work. At least, from where I was sitting in the audience, it didn't appear that homework was done.
One more point: I would caution Derek and anyone else from assuming that Don Monti or Ed D'Amato or any other builder has clean hands in connection with this redevelopment. We all heard Don Monti's account of the incident where John Leone's conflict was born... a meeting between Renaissance and Carpenter Construction at Carpenter's office wherein Mr. Suchopar of the BBGC somehow learned that Renaissance planned to provide for the BBGC if named preferred developer. The whole thing makes me uneasy, and I wouldn't be vouching for ANY of the parties involved. It also probably accounts for why D'Amato was the only local contractor to submit a response to the RFQ... my guess is that other contractors, like Carpenter, agreed not to put in a response because they thought they would receive a lucrative construction contract from Renaissance after Renaissance won the preferred developer title.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that those that don't play the game with the powers get forced to the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

I ask again, what are we paying an executive director for if all they do is sit on their hands.
The buck stops there - they should have made sure every rock was turned over and every question answered.

Positively Right said...

You may be right Derek, but at this point who cares?
The point is that the BDDC, the whole process, the whole plan, and the whole down-town scheme are a fiasco and a debacle. The muckier this gets the better D'Amato looks. Janelle, perhaps making a thoughtful non-decision, still could not get past her in ability to be a team-player. Some may think that's a good thing. I don't. And to be honest I have trouble adhering to the wisdom of a 22 year old. Maybe it's time to sit on the sidelines and observe for a while? But then again your wisdom sounds a lot better than anything else (nothing) I hear from anyone from the Bristol GOP’s 3rd district group.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you can check it out.
Does Mayor Ward have some family members tied in with DAmato?

If so, would that not affect any role he played in this process?

Anonymous said...

Alot of people in city hall get paid for doing nothing . S6art in enginering. THEN WORK YOUR WAY UPTO BUILDING. Once you see you will be sick.

Anonymous said...

Who is charge of City Hall?

Anonymous said...

Since all of this, and perhaps much more, was so readily available, why wasn't it presented at the regular meetings and made public?

Where were the consultants?

SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fouled Up!

rolling stone said...

9:46 - watch out because if the rock that you live under is ever turned over, you could/would/should be crushed like an ant.

door # 1, door #2 or door #3 said...

sure sounds like czenczelewski is looking for a real deal from monti - c'mon down..

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter What we say you say these asses wont be passing anything to soon . This will take years to get started. Bristol cant get any thing done in normal time frame. Then once it gets to the council were really screwed. These guys like cockyane like the local because he has good property for political signs.So dont count on getting tax dollars to soon. When the day comes to start the depts in town hall will hold things up for sure.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Derek would have been a better choice than Dave.

Anonymous said...

Positively Right (aka Concerned Conservative,

I agree with most of your post but maybe it is time to listen to the youth adults in town like Derek. He makes a good point and I applaud that he wants to be involved.

As for your opinion on the 3rd District GOP? Why don't you get involved and see if you can do better?