December 1, 2009

Rell picks municipal panel. Ward not among her choices.

Gov. Jodi Rell issued this release today:

Governor Rell: Cooperation is Key
In Addressing Reduction of Municipal Aid
Municipalities Given Strong Voice
In Mandate Relief, Other Cost-Saving Recommendations

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that six municipal leaders from cities and towns – both large and small – will work closely with state officials and lawmakers to identify local savings and recommend mandate relief to help close an estimated $466.5 million state budget shortfall.

The Governor appointed the municipal leaders to a special bipartisan panel she has created to offset an $84 million reduction, or 3 percent decrease, in municipal aid. The Governor called the reduction “one of the most painful cuts” contained in the deficit mitigation plan she recently presented to the Legislature. The Governor has called lawmakers back into special session on December 15 to address the deficit.

“Our municipal leaders have been on the front line of this fiscal crisis and know better than anyone how devastating this recession has been,” Governor Rell said. “Their input is essential as everyone in Connecticut – families, businesses and government – cope with a still volatile economy.

“In good times, our cities and towns have shared in our successes. This time, we are asking them to be part of the solution – and we are listening. Their recommendations of where we can prudently cut back and what mandates are the most onerous are part of the cooperation needed to get the state, their towns and our families back on firm financial footing,” the Governor said.

Governor Rell has previously proposed steps such as a temporary suspension of binding arbitration and requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature before any further mandates are imposed. She is asking that the panel begin meeting this week.

The following municipal leaders appointed by the Governor are:
· Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch
· Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton
· East Hartford Mayor Melody Currey
· Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy
· Somers First Selectwoman Lisa Pellegrini
· Portland First Selectwoman Susan Bransfield

Legislative leaders have been asked to appoint six members to the panel, which will be co-chaired by Office of Policy and Management Secretary Robert Genuario and Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Brenda Sisco. To date, legislative members are:
· Rep. John Frey (House Republicans)
· Sen. Robert Kane (Senate Republicans)

“I urge the majority party to make its appointments promptly so that this panel can begin working on finding cost-savings solutions rather than overburdening the already overburdened taxpayer of Connecticut,” Governor Rell said.

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good for himi said...

well, at least he was willing to be a part of it. thanks art

Odin said...

Interesting that Rell chose Lisa Pellegrini, the Mary Alford of Somers politics. The woman has no municipal experience and has been First Selectman for less than a month. But she is a loyal member of the Republican town committee!

Anonymous said...

Required qualifications obviously are at least a half of a brain.

Some just don't have it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ward, can you see Hartford from the Legion Hall bar?

No hacks allowed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Art how does it feel they don`t what your input, Just like you don`t take ours. maybe you will see the lite Art.

Anonymous said...

7:03/7:04 - More anonymous insults from the spineless sector...

Anonymous said...

Rell knew that if she picked Ward, that she would have to take Klocko too, to hold Ward's hand.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

It appears Art got on the wrong side of Rell sometime in the spring and has been battling ever since. What did he do?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

11:32- They only picked 6 municipal leaders. This makes sense because, as it is, there are going to be so many people at the table the meetings are bound to be unwieldy. You can't expect every cross-cut of CT's 169 municipalities to be represented in a sample of six! And as for Ward not being on it, so what. Same holds true for 96% of the mayors and first selectmen in the state. Again, they only picked six! I think people are making hay of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Rell was smart not to pick Ward.

Anonymous said...

RELL is no fool.He cant run BRISTOL whats that tell you . SMART MOVE.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

For the first time I saw Hizzoner on public access (I recently dumped the dish). It may have been inspiring (to run against him in a TV ad campaign). He was pathetic. Is it old age?

Anonymous said...


No, just the same old Art Ward that we are finally starting to see through.

Too bad the Republicans didn't put up a good candidate: they would ahve won the election.

losers again said...

10:06 - hope that you are the gop representative in the national spelling bee contest - the results will be the same for you gop losers.

Odin said...

10:06 am: You guys couldn't take the Mayor's seat two years ago when it was open, and you couldn't take it this year even though a whole bunch of Blue towns went Republican. The GOP in Bristol is DOA. Turn off the light on your way out.

Anonymous said...

8:23 AM, No where near as pathetic as a spineless blockhead taking nasty potshots at the mayor while hiding behind a cloak of that's what I call PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

December 3 at 10:06 AM ,

How nice of you to point out that the GOP couldn't find anyone good enough to beat Ward, but then again...we already knew that!

Anonymous said...

Rell chose "yes people"

Anonymous said...


Thank the "leadership"

Anonymous said...


Just like Art will pick a YES person for the BOF.

That is why we are in such a mess!

He is afraid to select someone who knows more than him, which leaves him little to choose from.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...


The GOP could find anyone good enough to beat Ward that they could CONTROL.

That is a basic requirement with the unholy trio.

So now they control nothing.

Anonymous said...


Do they realize it?
Other than they control Cockayne?