December 5, 2009

Cawley, 86, buried in private ceremony today

Georgine Cawley, 86, a former Bristol Central High School librarian and longtime member of the city's Library Board, died Wednesday and was buried in a private ceremony this morning. She was also active in the Bristol Garden Club and her church.
My most distinct memories of Cawley are twofold:
One is of her showing off flowers planted in the garden at the American Clock and Watch Museum. She was happy and proud.
The other is of her stint on the Library Board, where she clashed with a handful of residents pushing hard for more books and a bigger library. Cawley had little use for their hard-nosed tactics, but she picked up on the idea and was one of the champions who made the $12 million library expansion possible.
She will be a missed.
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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Calwey was a great, great lady