December 28, 2009

Taxpayers can charge it

The city's taking credit cards for property tax payments, if you're foolish enough to pay the extra fee to do it. Here's the story.

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Anonymous said...

Artie ain't doing you no favors.

NOT mine said...

Here's an idea ..... Everyone put your taxes on credit cards , THEN use the site on the Obama commercials that promises to eliminate your credit card debt .

I knew the democrats would provide a solution for the crisis .

again? said...

12:32 - suck it up.

Anonymous said...


Why payan extra 3%, PLUS an high interest rate?

Not too smart as I see it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is a surprise in bristol.Next move they will have to hire more people to watch the other people.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Art Ward.

math failure said...

2:52 - so you don't have to pay an 18% city late charge percentage stupid.

ego buster said...

3:04 - I imagine that the mirrors in your house are big enough that you can watch yourself - thank you, none of us would want to watch you anyhow.

Anonymous said...


I know a little about credit card processing fees and given the fact that the average transaction when paying property taxes is a pretty large amount. 2.69% sounds a bit excessive.

Did the city put this service out to bid?

Anonymous said...


You don't pay an 18% late charge, you pay interest at that rate, annualized
What is the current credit card rate?
If you pay the fee, you are paying almost two months interest UP FRONT, plus the credit card rate.
And you are paying interest on the fee too!

Ironically the city loses money on this deal, as they are getting nowhere near 18% on their investment, and the city doesn't ever lose the taxes owed, even if the house burned down, as the land still has value.

Check it out, it is a lose lose situation, except that current office holder has more money to waste.

math 101 or 02 or 03 - nevermind said...

7:14 - how does the current office holder have more money to waste if, as you said, the city loses money?
maybe you were meaning to be "tongue in cheek" but it seems to be more like "head in the butt."

Anonymous said...


Simple, when you understand the system.

The city loses money because they aren't getting the interest on the unpaid taxes. The city would get the taxes AND the additional income in future years.

Bccause the city could get 100% of the taxes now, they will take in more tax dollars now, but in esseence be leaving the well dry for the future. This will sorta inflate current revenue, artificially.

civics 101 said...

10:07 - So government should be using and abusing their citizens rather than trying to make it possible for them to meet their responsibilities in a respectful fashion? Am I to guess that Bristol would be introduced to it's first "tax-slumlord" if you ever became an elected official?
Need to remember that "government is for the people, by the people, who are the people."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like more of Wards robbinbg from the future, leaving the problems for his successor.

Anonymous said...


By leading the people on, one is only help to dig the hole deeper.
They pay more in the long run, and still may lose their property.

Have you forgotten the sub prime debacle already?

Anonymous said...

Be nice if the media, Press and Observer, did an analysis of what charging ones tax payment might/could actually cost the individual taxpayer.


it is said...

9:11 - fact is the the taxpayer doesn't become delinquent and therefore doesn't become subject to the 18% city late fee and the option is a choice by the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...


18% equals 1.5%/month as opposed to higher fee and monthly accrual on credit card.

I know it is the taxpayers option, but it would be nice to have it all spelled out for them. Everyone is not as brilliant as you.

bounce a rock said...

11:46 - with the intellect that you are displaying, you would be wise to have mommy be in charge of it anyhow - dweeb.