December 8, 2009

No action on Board of Finance appointment

Mayor Art Ward did not suggest anybody to fill the seat of retiring Board of Finance Vice Chair Roald Erling, who stepped down after two decades shortly before Election Day.
I'll ask the mayor about it later.

Wednesday morning update -- Ward said he plans to appoint someone in January. He said he had so many appointments to make this month that he didn't have a chance to focus his attention on this one.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Ward the one that complained about delaying appointments?
And many other things that he is now backpedaling on?

too bad the RTC isn't holding his feet to teh fire!

Anonymous said...

Word in City Hall is that a few Councilmembers would like to see Stortz appointed, but Klocko and Ward are not in favor.

Fairytales said...

10:03 - Bill, it isn't likely to happen, even in your wildest dreams.

Anonymous said...

I would think that the BOF appointment would be the MOST critical in light of teh current fiscal situation and the coming budget process.

But then, what do I know compared to Wards 16 plus years of experience?

Or is it 1 year of experience 16 times?

Anonymous said...

Ward blasted Stortz when he didn't fill appointments, now Ward is doing the same thing. Two-faced Ward.

Anonymous said...

THey should appoint TIM Gmache or KEN COCKAYNE they both could handle anything.

Anonymous said...

Ward is looking for someone that Klocko can control

teen angels said...

don't you naysayers ever get frustrated knowing that none of your whining means anything? ward is here for another two years so get over it.

burp said...

6:17 - these idiots would argue with a rock because it can't respond, so they like to think that they stumped it.
The only stumps here are these immovable, bumbling boulders.

????????????? said...

8:59 - ??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

5:44...Cockayne can't even handle himself in a professional manner.
How could he handle the Board of Finance position? He is a complete joke!!!

Anonymous said...


Like Ward, you voted for him.