December 17, 2009

City budget getting clobbered

The recession is taking its toll on city finances.
The city ended its most recent fiscal year with a budget shortfall of $1.46 million, according to the comptroller’s office, and is eyeing another deficit this year that could total more than $1 million. Read the whole story here.

Next year looks even worse
The city’s budget picture for next year is looking ever more ugly.
Finance officials said this week they believe it will cost $8 million more than the $170 million in this year’s city spending plan just to keep city services and schools plugging along.
But coming up with that much more money is going to pose some tough choices. Read the whole story here.

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Anonymous said...

stortz was right all along

Anonymous said...

Time for the council to get off its ass and get to working on the budget.

Anonymous said...

9:39 AM, No you weren't Bill.

Anonymous said...


Show me where he wasn't correct.

And many people other than stortz think he is/was correct.

Anonymous said...

No Problem, the Mayor eliminated the employees Christmas party.

Of course it didn't take tax dollars, but the mayor did take BOLD DECISIVE action!

Anonymous said...

Funny this comes out after the election. We all know the figures were available before that & if (big if) they weren't then the accountants should be fired.

Anonymous said...


Between Kloko and Rosenthal, we are on a slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

7:11 PM, Sorry you didn't get your egg get over it.

Anonymous said...

So this is what the Ward leadership has given us - the blind leading the blind. We are all doomed as long as Ward is in office.

Anonymous said...


Hope YOU can get over the mess Artie is making of our fine city.

Anonymous said...

COSTING 8 Million more means they are SPENDING 8 Million more, or 4.7% more.


Where are the reductions, not including layoffs?

Specifically, where are the huge increases?

Anonymous said...


Guess the Mayor isn't talking!

Don't blame him, he has created a mess!