December 29, 2009

Power out in Plainville & part of Bristol

The wind knocked out power to nearly everyone in Plainville and 15 percent of Bristol, too, according to Connecticut Light & Power's outage report website.
That means, God forbid, some people may not have power for their computers and are thus, heaven help them, unable to read the Bristol Blog. Let's hope most of them have charged-up laptops so they can stay with us.
Don't worry, folks, help is on the way. The power company is pretty good at getting the juice flowing again.

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Anonymous said...

Or one might consider it a belated Christmas gift.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone will blame Art Ward. Come on. who will it be? Positively Stupid or I will never graduate from WestConn?

Anonymous said...

Nah, I wouldn't blame Artie. He has screwed up too many other things.

Anonymous said...

Dave Mills starting his run for mayor running on his own ticket. ENDORSED by dumb dumb and dumber. With his wife hiding her head in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about Art hes got a new idiot in town making history. Dave Mills. MR great ideas with nosubstance.

think inward said...

throwing your cynical barbs at elected officials is tolerable, especially for those of you who demonstrate your total ignorance, but common courtesy should dictate that a person's spouse, or significant other, should not be a target.
How about a "breather" on that?

Anonymous said...

December 29, 2009 6:14 PM

You sound like someone who has a fork up their butt about Dave Mills. Get over yourself. You add no value to this blog.