December 15, 2009

Johnson: Bristol Blog has lots of readers

The Bristol Blog came up during last night's Bristol Downtown Development Corp. meeting, giving the otherwise dismal session at least a short moment of sunshine.
The chairman of the nonprofit formed to revamp downtown, Frank Johnson, said that everybody claims they don't read the Bristol Blog, yet they all know what's in it.
Johnson said it reminds him of former Mayor Frank Longo, a real character who won the city's top job twice in the 1970s even though nobody would admit voting for him.
So, dear readers, it's OK to come on here, eyeball what you will as often as you like, and then pretend you never see anything on this little blog. Your secret is safe with me.
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Miserable failure"

Stop looking in the mirror. We all know what YOU are. Bristol is moving forward!!!

December 14, 2009 4:41 PM

I guess everyone can see which one of us was right ...

That meeting didn't really move forward did it ??

It was a miserable failure as predicted .. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Frank your group should all resign. three years and nothing. DAMATO ISNT QUALITIED LETS FACE IT. Build a BIKER BAR .