December 15, 2009

Leone's tenuous position

I can't quarrel with former Mayor John Leone's view that he can't ethically take part in the Bristol Downtown Development Corp.'s decision about who should develop the Depot Square sit. If Leone thinks the situation is such that he can't vote, then he clearly shouldn't vote. He's got a better handle on the ethics of the situation than I do.
But if he can't cast a vote on the developer because his role in finding a place for the new Bristol Boys and Girls Club somehow got mixed up with Renaissance's mall site proposal -- the details remain hazy -- then how can he serve on the BDDC at all if Renaissance is chosen? The conflict won't go away.
There's kind of an obvious issue: is Leone's service to the club, admirable as it is, making it impossible for him to be an effective, useful board member for the BDDC? Certainly he's contemplating that issue just as many others are.
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. It is a wasted spot on the bddc if he can't vote, which the vote is obviously needed to break the stalemate. Something must be done and immediately. Leone should step down since he is attempting to be fair with regard to voting and the boys & girls club but he should also be fair to the citizens of Bristol and step down and let someone who can vote do so.

Anonymous said...

I bet Leone resigns today. The real fun will be watching the mayor and council fight about who to replace him with.

Odin said...

Each of the seven BDDC board members was nominated by a city councilmember (Ellen was one of them, so must use the gender-neutral term) and approved by the full city council. If the council member who nominated Leone is still on the council, he should get to name the replacement.

Steve Collins said...

It's pretty clear from the ordinance, which I read today, that the mayor nominates someone and the council votes yes or not on them. The initial selection process is no longer in place.

Anonymous said...


"A member" is what you are. Try the term city council-person or council-woman instead.

Anonymous said...

Odin: You really are from a fantasy world.

Replacing a resigning member of this panel should be done by Hizoner exclusively.

Anonymous said...

Leones vote, if for DaMato, would not have made a difference.
Second, if he had a conflict, he should have annonced it and then left his seat for the balance of the discussion.
Shame on Johnson and their attorney for not making that happen.
Lastly, I disagree about a future conflict. Once the decision is made, without him, the BCGC won't benefit on any decision other than one that specifically includes the BCGC.

Study up on the procedure.

RAny replacement now will be tainted: do you think that Art will nominate anyone other than a DaMato supporter?

Anonymous said...

This goes to show you how this town is they need something positive for this town. please hurry this town needs it we can`t have any more set backs.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're even debating this. Did these people not read both campany's plans? Renaissance is far more qualified than D'Amato to handle this project. We've seen D'Amato's work....Northside Square. Exactly what we don't need. Renaissance specializes in this type of development. Let them bring fresh, new ideas to Bristol. We need a good dose of "non Bristol", for lack of a better term, on that piece of land. No more Strip malls filled with dollar stores and nail salons!

I can't for the life of me figure how someone could look at the qualifications of these two companies, and come to the conclusion that D'Amato is more qualified than Renaissance. If the BDDC does not do the right thing and pick Renaissance and let them start this project ASAP, I believe that piece of land will still be an empty lot 30 years from now.

Anonymous said...


Ward nominated Leone.

Does that tell you something?

Anonymous said...

get leone replaced already and get down to business! stop the crying already!!!TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT...



Anonymous said...


Maybe you can check it out.
Does Mayor Ward have some family members tied in with DAmato?

If so, would that not affect any role he played in this process?