December 16, 2009

Economic development cash increased

Despite a budget crunch that has Board of Finance members worrying about layoffs and service cuts, the panel said last night it had no choice except to plunk another $150,000 into the depleted economic development fund so the city can continue offering grants to lure new companies to town.
Finance commissioner Janet Moylan said she was “not sure we have any other choice” except to fill the fund.
But she nonetheless voted against it, the only fiscal overseer to oppose it. She said the city could probably wait until the next fiscal year to restore the development account.
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Anonymous said...

Jonathan gets away with it again!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan needs a new camera.

Anonymous said...


Another one???

What does he do, stuff them under his coat?

Or does he trade them for meals?

Anonymous said...

Leave Jonathan alone. It's tough finding things to do all day when your not doing anything! At least we now have a photographer on the city's payroll.