December 28, 2009

Tom Barnes tapped for BDDC

With former Mayor John Leone's resignation from the Bristol Downtown Development Corp., filling the empty board of directors seat falls on the mayor and City Council.
But it looks like Mayor Art Ward's choice to appoint Tom Barnes to the slot is unlikely to prove a problem. Read the story here.

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Anonymous said...

Good move by Art.

This basically takes the bat out of the rpeublicans hands when it comes to Downtown.

But then, they wouldn't have said anything anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Trust fund baby extraordinaire (all grown up with Jr. tagging along) to the rescue. It amazes me how inheriting mega-bucks gets so much respect from certain Bristol Democrats...or are they afraid of it? So much for the party of the working people. I thought Spartacus Carpenter was the one who developed the Bristol Plaza. What exactly is Majerus referring to, the renovation of Stop & Shop?
Good luck Mr.Barne$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

tongue biter said...

12:38 - boy, your life must be one big gummy-bear. dems are no good, republicans are no good. Why don't you just go into hibernation and not tell anyone where you are - like anyone would care.

look out for stupid said...

December 28, 2009 12:24 PM and December 28, 2009 2:05 PM:

Since when has Barnes or the Barnes' become "the Republicans". I take offense in that insinuation.

2:05: Did you have a problem when your boy Colapietro stated he wasn't afraid of "Barnes money"? Does that make him a "gummy bear" too (what ever that is)?

Anonymous said...

C'mon, you don't like the Bristol Democrats OR the Bristol Republicans?

There must be something really wrong with you! Like, you must need therapy or something (in the Twilight Zone that is).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, December 28, 2009 3:20 PM,
a (sic) educated guy.

Looks like that's NOT you.

Anonymous said...

will Barnes look out for what is best for Bristol, or what is best for his company? This is a massive conflict of interest, I can't believe they're making it sound like this is a good move.

Anonymous said...

Was Barnes a Ward supporter?

Did Leone not have conflict when he was appointed, as he was then the CC Pres?

It gets curiouser and curiouser!

wondering what is next said...

Barnes Group is good for Bristol. But apparently Barnes wasn't good for the company. An outside guy is running the show while Sr. collects his divends and compensation for serving on the board. Let's hope the company doesn't leave Bristol. Let's hope the HQ stays on Riverside Ave. Until then I guess we must endure Junior "chairing" city boards and the GOP town committee (as if) and things like Tom Sr. overseeing and recommending downtown development. But as a major taxpayer (great-grand-dads business), his family has a right to say what's going on near his company. Again, let's hope this isn't Barnes Group's exit strtaegy. Something tells me Tom Sr. made this a mandatory appointment.

Anonymous said...

You are all a Joke!!! You are the same people that wonder why good people do not get involved in this stuff. Look what you are writing about a man and Family that has done nothing, but good for this City. Make accustaions that are completely baseless in fact or reality and get them published. This is in the end the BIG problem with this blog and the internet in general.

I bet Tom makes it to April and then asks not to be reappointed, as does he really need this headache?

sad, sad, sad said...

6:19 - if the stock market is dependent on your business knowledge this country deserves to be in the midst of a very deep, deep, deep and long depression; I know that you have succeeded in putting me and your father in one.

Begrudingly signed,


watch out for stupid said...

"sad, sad, sad" said:
"6:19 - if the stock market is dependent on your business knowledge"

Sad, sad, sad:

Evidently you can not determine or comprehend when people post here (no one posted at 6:19). So if you can't even figure that out, why not just shut up?

huh? said...

cuz then U wouldn't have anything to BLOG about - what a complete loser U R - have your mental monitor interpret this for you idiot.