December 15, 2009

City to settle lawsuit for $55,000

I'm not really sure what the case is all about, but the city is preparing to settle a lawsuit against it brought by the Massachusetts-based Titan Roofing, which won a contract in 2006 to put a new roof on the Malone Aquatic Center.
I don't know why the company sued. I don't know why the city is settling.
But I do know the Board of Finance agreed to chip in $35,000 to add to the $20,000 the city plans to take from its claims fund.
Richard Lacey, a city lawyer, wouldn't talk about it because it's pending litigation.
But both Lacey and city Comptroller Glenn Klocko said the money would be enough to settle the case, which must mean that a deal has already been worked out.
I'm not sure what the big secret is if both sides have agreed on a figure.
If anyone knows more, feel free to comment.

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