December 15, 2009

The stalemate at the BDDC

Downtown overseers reached nothing but a stalemate Monday when faced with the decision of which developer to choose for the city-owned former mall property. Read the rest of reporter Jackie Majerus' account of the meeting here.

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Anonymous said...

What a joke big waste of time.Have the city build a meth clinic and jail. Bristol will soon be a ghost town with these idiots.

Positively Right said...

This "panel" (BDDC) is and has been a joke from the start (another of Bill Stortz's bad jokes).

Mayor Ward:
Disband it now!

Odin said...

The General voted for D'Amato because he's obviously a fool, from the comments he made. But why did Wright vote for D'Amato? Did he say?

Positively Right said...

What is "Odin" referring to? I'll agree that Kallenbach has moved up on the city boards and commissions ladder too much and too quickly. But that's what happens to someone with their nose up Bill Stortz's butt or someone who impresses Bill for his predictably twisted reasons. But as far as fools go, the Wrights take that prize hands down. Gardner Wright doesn't have the brains to make decisons on a little league game no less the BDDC.

Mayor: Please disband this disfunctional panel now.

Anonymous said...

Wright said Renaissance's plan was too heavily focused on rail, which he claims will "never happen."
(Of course not...not with his son in power.)

But his reasoning proves how far removed he is from a rational decision. Renaissance's plan doesn't rely on rail, although rail would certainly help regardless of which plan is used.

Anonymous said...

Wright also is another airhead. Did he not already see that damato also factors in the railroad in his plans? I guess it's called selective listening or better yet ... he's a bud! He can do whatever he wants! You were a lame legislator and you're even lamer as a bddc member.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the developers that Rosenthal said he had waiting in the wings????

Anonymous said...

Sounds like mad dog is barking again

Anonymous said...

Mad Dog is all done since he sucked up to the union.

Anonymous said...

12-15 2:17

You sound somewhat like the republican guy that used to badmouth Rimcoski in City Hall to the democrats.

Just what boards did Kallenbach serve on that he moved up too quickly on?

What Boards did Wright serve on?

You republicans ran two people for mayor, one who had never served on a board, one who served less than a year.

And remember, the council approved ALL the appointments.