December 30, 2009

Jay Leno takes a jab at Bristol business

A liquor store in Bristol got some free publicity this month when Jay Leno, whose television show airs nightly on NBC, showcased one of its commercials in his “Bad Ads” segment.
Crazy Bruce’s Liquors’ 30-second spot was featured along with crummy commercials from political candidates and other enterprises across the country.
The spot itself features a man singing – badly -- about the store’s products to the tune of “The Beer Barrel Polka.”
Leno said the liquor store commercial appeared to feature “a small business owner who may have been sampling his own wares.”
The store, which has locations in Bristol and West Hartford, apparently didn’t mind much.
Crazy’s Bruce’s website proudly features the spot under the headline “Home of the world’s worst commercial.”
It has links to both the commercial and to Leno’s jab at the spot.
It even has a poll asking people whether they think it’s the world’s worst commercial. As of Wednesday afternoon, only one in four agreed that it was.
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Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't get to meet Ward!

Jonathan said...

Let's not forget the genius of Bob's Discount Furniture ads, or Bedding Barn's wonderfully horrible ads as well.

Anonymous said...

Bristol makes the news again.worst Police worst downtown.

Embarrassed for you said...

I don't think Bristol's police or downtown are newsworth as the "worst," but if Leno went on this blog he would find some truly stupid folks who seem to enjoy bashing their own that really is the worst!