December 15, 2009

Bristol is growing?

One of the most important numbers that Bristol will be watching for is its next U.S. Census population figure.
Last time around, the city's population dipped slightly to 60.062, the first time it had ever gone down.
This time, Census 2010 is likely to find that the city is growing again, if preliminary estimates from state and census sources prove accurate.
According to, the city's estimated population in July 2006 had risen to 61,161, up 1.6 percent in six years. That's nothing to brag about, but it beats the more than 1 percent decline over in New Britain.
A lot of people will be watching to see if New Britain's numbers keep plummeting, as many expect, and to find out if Bristol's population really does rise.
It matters in part because many federal aid checks depend on population. And almost everyone wants more money from Washington.

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Anonymous said...

does this simply mean the Puerto Rican community is moving from New Britain to Bristol?

Anonymous said...

That 1.6 increase is all section 8

Anonymous said...

Give us your poor, your lazy, your ignorant, and we'll take the government money thank you very much.

At least Bristol admits it's the government whore.

Steve Collins said...

Any community with the slightest sense wants to make sure everyone is counted who lives within its borders. It means more money for roads, schools, public health, public safety and more. It's also crucial for ensuring the city has the political clout its population deserves.
If you look at the places that are growing and those that are shrinking, you can easily see that a rising population is almost always an indication that a city is getting wealthier and better, not poorer.
Consider how New Britain, Waterbury, Hartford, Bridgeport and other places that are hurting have all seen sharp decreases in their populations in recent decades.
Bristol's numbers went down a bit in the 1990s. It would be a good sign, not a bad one, if they have risen since then.
I wouldn't be surprised, in fact, if Bristol doesn't overtake New Britain by the 2020 Census given the trend lines. That's no small thing.

Anonymous said...

It means more money because you have more p[oor, more needy.

Is that what we want?