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2PM TO 8:30 PM

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We’re so excited to introduce to you to FLAVOR’D FOOD FEST! A Taste of Bristol & Beyond!
Flavor’d is a brand new food-oriented festival the likes of which has never been seen in our City! Promise us you’ll stay hungry, and we promise you an event that will satisfy taste buds!

Event Details

Here’s a taste of the smorgasbord you can look forward to on event day! NOM NOM.
  • Food tasting from bunches of restaurants & food organizations in Bristol & CT!
  • A very tasty tented beverage experience
  • Food product vendors
  • Farmer’s market elements
  • Food programming & demos
  • Fooducation
  • Live music all day!
  • Relaxed Tented seating!
  • Blanket & picnic area
  • Plus more!


When Bristol Rising puts our minds to it, we can accomplish anything. In 2011, a first year event called the Pop Up Piazza drew 15,000-plus visitors –a thrilling accomplishment signaling Bristol’s ready for big things! Now, we’re at it again! This time, alongside local restaurateurs and cultural non profit event partner, The Carousel Museum, to bring forth another new and exciting event — Flavor’d Food FestA Taste of Bristol and Beyond!

What It’s All About:

Flavor’d Food Fest is a new food-oriented event the likes of which has never been seen in our City. The event will focus entirely around food, and will feature a tasting element from the culinary talents of Bristol restaurants/organizations as well as participating restaurants from the region and state, creating a cultural crockpot of Bristol and Connecticut flavors! Now that’s revolutionary. “The event is about celebrating Bristol food and culinary gems, and highlighting them,” said Mark Walerysiak Jr, Community Liaison, Bristol Rising. “But similar to how the Pop Up Piazza showed the possibility of a future bustling downtown, we’d like to similarly provide a one-day looking glass into the anticipated future food culture downtown. We’re pretty excited to pop up those restaurant rows! We recommend people come hungry!”

How Flavor’d Came About:

Terry Lugo, an event committee member and co-owner of Barley Vine Gastropub, along with her husband Victor, shared one of the primary reasons the event was born. “There’s this perception amongst some that Bristol doesn’t have places to eat,” Lugo said. “We don’t believe that, and Flavor’d Food Fest will show Bristol has many quality restaurants, and places that specialize in some awesome items, and it’s our intention to allow them to be known to the world as well showcasing our neighboring CT restaurants as well”

When We’re Going to Rock Your Taste Buds:

Flavor’d Food Fest is scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 13, between 2 pm and 8:30 (rain date September 14) on Riverside Avenue Extension as well as parts of Depot Square, in downtown Bristol. This all day smorgasbord is expected to draw thousands of Flavor’d Food Fest goers from the region and state on event day, and will feature Bristol and CT restaurants, food vendors, food programming, live music, and more! Many more details will be released along the way, so stay tuned!   “Are you ready to get FLAVOR’D!!”

Sharing Means More Grub!

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