July 1, 2014

State has harsh words for city registrars

A recent ruling by the State Elections Enforcement Commission includes some surprisingly harsh words for the city’s registrars.
In the course of dealing with what it called a “very limited” problem brought to it by Democratic Registrar Mary Rydingsward, the panel expressed concern about a possible breakdown so severe within the registrars’ office that it could ultimately undermine public faith in elections.
Noting that it had received four complaints in recent years that focused on inter-office relations by the registrars, commissioners said there appears to be “a fractured relationship” between Rydingsward and Republican Registrar Sharon Krawiecki.
“Such a breakdown in the working relationship between registrars serves, at best, to weaken the public trust in the registrar’s office’s ability to accomplish the duties imposed upon them,” the commission said. Click for full story here.

Here is a copy of the SEEC ruling.

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