July 4, 2014

Republican registrar asked for website fix, but Rydingsward refused

The registrars website before it was changed late Thursday.
The city registrars office is providing some fireworks this Fourth of July. Here's some more information to flesh out what I posted yesterday about an allegation that Democratic Registrar Mary Rydingsward misused the city's website to promote her own candidacy in the Aug. 12 primary for registrar. These are email that went back and forth between the registrars in the hours before former city Councilor Kate Matthews complained about the issue:
Email from Republican Registrar Sharon Krawiecki to Democratic Registrar Mary Rydingsward at 12:09 p.m., Thursday, July 3:
I respectively ask you again to either remove your name from the website or list every candidate running on the republican and democratic ballot.
Our office website should not be used to promote one candidate or party.
Please reply that you have done this within the hour.
Reply at 12:21 p.m. from Rydingsward to Krawiecki:
Dear Sharon,
Please provide a list of the Republicans running in the format you desire and I will be happy to post.
~ Mary
Reply from Krawiecki to Rydingsward at 12:32 p.m.
Since we have never posted candidate names in the past we should not start.
You stated that you thought because it was a document filed with the Town Clerk it belongs on the site. I remind you all candidate nominations are filed
Have you removed your name?
Reply from Rydingsward to Krawiecki at 1:02 p.m.:
We should have a respectful conversation about this.  It is unfortunate that you brought it up as you were leaving this morning and did not have a respectful conversation with me. 
Let me correct your understanding of what I said.  I did not say "because it was a document filed with the town clerk it belongs on the website."  I simply explained to you - not knowing if you actually opened the link - that what is posted is a public document filed with the town clerk. 
Paul requested this posting to inform the public, especially in light of the fact that folks were inquiring.  Please contact him about it.
~ Thank you,

UPDATE AT 9:45 a.m. --
Krawiecki just told me the website was taken down at Mayor Ken Cockayne's direction late Thursday. He had received a copy of Matthews' email.

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