July 30, 2014

GOP House shuns Larson bid to praise Pope Francis?

Last year, U.S. Rep. John Larson, an East Hartford Democrat whose 1st District includes Bristol, got together with a Republican colleague from New York, Peter King, to introduce a routine resolution to commend Pope Francis. Months later, however, the resolution remains bottled up in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, apparently because GOP lawmakers don't want to say something nice about the new pope. See the story in The Hill.
Here's the resolution that Larson wants to see passed:

Congratulating Pope Francis on his election and recognizing his inspirational statements and actions.
Whereas on March 13, 2013, Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina was elected Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church;
Whereas his election marked the first time a Pope from the Americas has been selected;
Whereas he is the first Jesuit to become Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church;
Whereas he took the papal name of Francis, becoming the first pope to take the name of St. Francis of Assisi, who was known for his devotion to humility and the poor;
Whereas he has demonstrated his humility by choosing not to live in the lavish Apostolic Palace, living instead with the clergy and lay people in the Vatican guesthouse;
Whereas on March 28, 2013, he broke from tradition during the washing of feet, when he washed the feet of 12 criminals, including two women, becoming the first pope to include women in the rite;
Whereas on November 6, he displayed his charity by caressing a man with severe disfigurement, drawing comparisons to the actions of his namesake, St. Francis, whose kiss of a leper forever changed his life by solidifying his commitment to the poorest among us;
Whereas when asked to describe himself during an interview with a Jesuit magazine, he replied ‘‘I am a sinner’’;
Whereas his emphasis on humanitarian efforts to alleviate suffering serves as an inspiration to Congress and all Americans;
Whereas his humility, his commitment to economic justice and improving the lives of the poor, and his outreach to individuals from all walks of life have been universally praised and are living examples of Jesus Christ’s message;
and Whereas his call to end inequality has echoed across the globe and brought millions together in solidarity: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the House of Representatives congratulates Pope Francis on his election and recognizes his inspirational statements and actions.
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