July 2, 2014

Rockwell Park needs help, resident says

Here's a note I got today from Bristol resident Diane Cassidy:

I have read your article in today’s Bristol Press about the blight problem that Mayor Cockayne has vowed to take care of. While I agree with this program I also have to wonder why it is limited to buildings. Have you looked at our parks lately? I am speaking mostly about Rockwell Park though the comments from other people in the park indicate that it is not limited to Rockwell.
   In short it looks like a pig sty! The amount of litter around the playgrounds, skate park and the ponds is out of control. Dirty diapers, plastic drink bottles, wrappers from every kind of food imaginable, paper towels, discarded clothing…the assortment is mind boggling. There are numerous trash barrels available (not always in the most convenient location) but they are not being used. A part of the problem I think falls under the heading “trash begets more trash”. If it is already filthy many people just will not care and will add to the blight.
   I have heard Rockwell Park called “The Jewel of Bristol” and it really could be that if it was cleaned up. With 20,000 visitors expected to come to the Muzzy Field/Rockwell Park area this weekend you would think we could put on a better face than that. Never mind the visitors later in the summer to play little league.
   The initial clean up could be assisted by some of the towns boy scouts (this might make a good Eagle Scout project). I am sure any number of people would volunteer for this worthwhile project. Going forward a more aggressive campaign about keeping the parks clean and more convenient location of trash barrels could help. Perhaps the Public Works or the Parks and Rec Dept could help clean up on a regular basis.
   I also have noticed that the mulch under the playground equipment has not been replaced in at least a couple of years (save for an approximately 12X12 ft area where it looks like some mulch that was most likely left over from another project was tossed in with the old). The mulch is meant as a cushion to protect children if they should fall from the equipment. This old worn out mulch does not seem to be adequate to do the job.
   How can we get this added to the “Blight Project” list?

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