July 24, 2014

Wright didn't miss a single General Assembly vote

Press release from state Rep. Chris Wright, a Bristol Democrat:

State Representative Christopher Wright (D-Bristol) earned a perfect record on votes taken in the state House of Representative during the 2014 General Assembly session.
According to the Clerk of the House, the 2014 individual records reflect 309 votes were cast by Rep. Wright.
“Casting votes on the many bills that we vote on is very important to me on behalf of my constituents in the 77th District,” Rep. Wright said. “I was fortunate to have been able to be present at every session to vote on every bill. I am pleased to have achieved a perfect voting score during this year’s session because representing my constituents in Hartford is a responsibility I take very seriously.”

Rep. Wright is Vice Chairman of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee and serves on the Housing and Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committees.

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