December 18, 2009

D'Amato, Renaissance want BDDC to hold meeting Monday

Memo sent to the Bristol Downtown Development Corp. board members this morning by the nonprofit's chair, Frank Johnson:
Please be advised that just before  we concluded our last meeting both developers had decided to get together to consider  a cooperative approach.
We instructed them to let us know if their discussions were positive and hence whether or not we should meet on Monday December21, 2009.
We have received word from both developers that they believe that the BDDC should meet on Monday.
Without reading too much into that, and because only Attorney Sheridan has seen their responses, I am hopeful that a meeting will have a productive outcome.
Therefore Dave Sheridan will be posting a notice today that our regularly scheduled December meeting will take place on Monday December 21, 2009 at 6:30 PM.
I believe everyone indicated that they were available so I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
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Anonymous said...

This time ed is going to bring more cookies. THE NY CO. SHOULD TELL DAMATO TO TAKE A HIKE.

Anonymous said...

Bad situation.

We are essentially down to one developer: either Monti/D'Amato, or either one if one backs out.

Unless both say to BDDC, get some backbone and make a decision.

Doesn't leave the city with many options.

How long will it take to determine that what they come up with is acceptable? And who will the city be negotiating with?

Anonymous said...

Building stores,restaurants, condominiums, and a hotel in downtown Bristol will not necessarily bring people there.

Build a showcase K-8 school on the
property with an auditorium,gymnastic facility, and
arts and crafts facility that could be used by all Bristol citizens.

Convert the 3 closed schools into
corporate office parks using private developers.

Encourage the building of a first-class Girls/Boys Club on West St.
with private finding that could be used by adults and youth.

The school, new jobs in the old schools, and recreation and entertainment would bring people downtown. Once realtors and developers see this, they will build the stores and housing in
areas adjacent to the l7-acre parcel.
A Bristol citizen

Anonymous said...

To bad 9:16 you arent one of the politians thats the only thing that makes sence. THIS PROJECT WOULD BE A HIT.

Anonymous said...

1:18 THATS A GOOD IDEA.damato doesnt belong with this group.He will bankrupt BRISTOL. But the politicans will get cookies.

Anonymous said...

Bad spelling guy, I can understand why you feel the need to congratulate yourself on your own comments (cuz absolutely no one else will). Why don't you give us all an early Christmas present and give it a rest?

poetic justice said...

Have Janelle jump out of a cake and hand the winning bidder the contract.

Anonymous said...

And they will make a decision on a proposal that they haven't seen, and the public hasn't seen, and the media hasn't seen?

Heaven help us!