May 25, 2010

Zydanowicz declares intention to primary

Republican congressional hopeful Mark Zydanowicz told local business and government leaders this morning that he intends to ask grass-roots GOP voters to select him as their candidate to face U.S. Rep. John Larson in November.
"I'm making it official here that I will primary," Zydanowicz said.
Zydanowicz, a West Hartford dairy executive, will face Ann Brickley, a Wethersfield business owner who is the party's nominee, in an Aug. 10 primary.
Zydanowicz spoke at an Egss & Issues breakfast sponsored by the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce.
Zydanowicz got a shock last week when the 1st District congressional convention tapped Brickley as the Republican standard bearer against Larson, an East Hartford Democrat who has represented the district since 1998.
Bristol's delegation stuck with him, though. He got unanimous backing from its delegates.
He is an Iraq veteran, where he helped rebuild Baghdad's infrastructure, who works for Guida Dairy, which his grandfather started decades ago.
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read that Mark Z is still in the race, I think he has the best shot in defeating Larson, let's see how Larson defends his liberal stands on border security & amnesty & terrorism while facing someone who has been to both the border and to Iraq, our national security is our number one problem and priority, let's hold Larson accountable for Islamic extremist terrorist attempts and the terrorism on the border and the Gitmo & Navy Seals debacles...

Anonymous said...

See these wanabe Mocabee's have all this to offer! HaHaaHaHaHa Nothing good and the same old trash and lies.

Anonymous said...

Boy the nasties must have been waiting to hear Tom's name. It was getting boring on here. But it's still the same old jerks! Their jealousy is showing.

the cream stays at the bottom these days said...

Shame on the GOP delegates for supporting Brickley and especially for supporting McMahon over Simmons.

Anonymous said...

mark didn't you get the notice? mocabee and schaffrick are the worse company that you can keep! "LOL"

you are going down hill from here...unless you change your company..."LOL"

don't think it...know it!!! "LOL"

Anonymous said...

Will Mocabee run his campaign?

Anonymous said...


I was hoping that Mocabee would run Larson's campaign