May 14, 2010

Forget the busway, says Zydanowicz

Press release this morning from Mark Zydanowicz, one of the three Republicans seeking to run for Congress in the 1st District:


WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (May 14, 2010) -- Republican First District Congressional candidate Mark Zydanowicz today reiterated the negative impact the proposed "bus way" between New Britain and Hartford would be if it became a reality.

Long an opponent of the proposed nine-mile, $600-million bus way, Zydanowicz contends that large sections may have to be torn up if the Connecticut Department of Transportation officials need to fix the section of Interstate-84 known as the "Aetna Viaduct" in the near future.

"How many times have you seen a street re-paved, only to have it torn up for maintenance -- that's what we could be facing with the bus way.  Zydanowicz warned.

Zydanowicz stresses the need to for fiscal responsibility.

"Besides the potential for the bus way to be torn up," he said, "it does nothing to remove trucks from I-84. Needless to say, $600 million is a lot of taxpayer money for nine miles of walled bus way."

Zydanowicz backs a more cost-effective rail line in place of the bus way, saying that it will provide a far better return on investment. "The projected rail solution boils down to a cost of
$1 million per mile," he said. "I challenge you to find any taxpayer who wouldn't consider that far more appealing when it comes to cost."

Zydanowicz also points out negative fiscal implications to the state which has been hampered by a diminished manufacturing presence.

"If the bus way is supposed to relieve congestion on I-84, one can only imagine what will happen when the bus way and the Aetna Viaduct are being worked on," he said. "The bus way project will require state bonding and that will only add to Connecticut's fiscal problems.

"The bus way does nothing for our manufacturers who can benefit from increased access to new markets, creating jobs or revitalizing the distressed manufacturing landscape in our state," he added.

Zydanowicz vows to make a difference when elected to Congress.

"As a Congressman from the First District, I will go to Washington and talk with the Federal Transportation Agency to negotiate for an intelligent rail solution to better serve the needs of passengers and commerce, not just in my district, but for all of Connecticut's north-south rail corridors," he pledged.

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newbie said...

first time in politics? it shows

Anonymous said...

Someone who isn't a career politician is exactly what we need. I am for people who may never have been in the world of B.S. called politics. Fresh ideas are what are needed most to save this state and country from the spiral it's on. Vote every incumbent idiot out.

CT Business person said...

Amen to what Zydanowicz is saying.

May 14, 2010 10:06 AM:

What's the matter? This guy's to honest to a hack like you?

He's got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Mark, as a first term Congressman, the Federal Transportation Agency is not going to even return your phone call! In these distressed times we need someone with some clout, past presence and a proven record like Larsen in D.C. to reach out, speak and convince Agencies the people of Bristol need help. You will probably end up doing Bristol a big DIS-service if elected.

Anonymous said...

7:17...if you think Mark will take no for an answer, you do not know Mark. A dis-service to Bristol is exactly what Larson is doing with his support for this federal $600 million boondogle. New Britain isn't even in the 1st District...but then again neither is Nappa Vally.

NOT mine said...

May 14, 2010 7:17 PM
Out with the old and in with the new . Those currently irresponsible for the mess we're in do NOT deserve a 4th , 5th , 6th , chance .

Clean house in Nov. and start over .

Dodd got the message why can't Larson !?!?!?