May 17, 2010

City budget approved on 9-5 vote

A joint meeting of the Board of Finance and City Council tonight approved a $171 million spending plan on a 9-5 vote. The new mill rate will be 27.24.
Those opposing the budget were city Councilor Ken Cockayne and David Mills and finance commissioners Janet Moylan, Mark Peterson and Bob Casar.
More in Tuesday's Press.
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Anonymous said...

who voted yes for it so we know who not to vote for in november.

Anonymous said...

Come on Ken…were you/they just going to object & vote against (the budget) or DO something about the budget?! Probably not, just complain as usual and do nothing to help out.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Hot winded Ward voted for it, afterall his buddy is Mize.

Anonymous said...

It's NOT an election year...of course taxes are going up.

Anonymous said...

Kenny doesn't have a clue!

And most of the others don't either.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed in Mills and Cockayne. They voted yes only because they are Republicans and that is their job being part of the GOP, but I had hoped they would do what was right and not what was expected of their party affiliation.

If they looked at this like they should have looked at it, they would know that there is no way out of this except to raise taxes which should have been done last year so we wouldn't have seen so much of a rate increase this year. I said it last year and I was absolutely right. How do Mills and Cockayne expect to keep vital services going without an increase? Even though it's not an election year, all it is for Mills and Cockayne is a political ploy so when election time does come around they'll tout how they didn't vote for increased taxes.

The budgets in all areas are cut to the bare bones. there is nothing left but layoffs and that would not help anyone. it would mean more foreclosures, less money being pumped into the economy which would hurt Bristol in the end.

It's difficult to vote for a tax increase and I applaud those who made the tough decisions and did what they knew had to be done even though it might not be the popular thing to do. The days of Nicastro and no tax raising but no services and poor infrastructure are over.

We were still catching up from Nicastro's poor policy on not raising taxes for the sake of getting elected and then this poor economy hit and we're back to poor infrastructure all over again. It's not fun having to pay taxes but it's even worse with the thought of no trash collection or unpaved roads or less police presence or a number of other things that are necessities.

We elected our officials to lead and in taking this very difficult vote, I believe they just that. It will be a necessary but bitter pill to swallow.

Anonymous said...


Thank you mayor ward

Anonymous said...

2:28 PM

I don't think it was Mayor Ward.

I agree with 8:12PM, 6:53PM and 10:05AM.