May 19, 2010

A death in Charlottesville

Just got around to reading about the sickening murder of Yeardley Love, a fourth year student at University of Virginia, where I graduated a surprisingly long time ago. A former boyfriend  with a violent streak told police he kicked in her bedroom door and beat her head against a wall until she died. He, too, was a UVA student. They both played lacrosse.
It's impossible, of course, to make any sense of these things. They happen all too often, fueled by rage and alcohol. And there's nothing, absolutely nothing, anyone can do to make it right again.
A pretty, smart young woman who should have had a full life is simply gone.
Michael Suarez, a UVA professor, has an eloquent essay about what we can take from this horror. But I'm not sure there's much any of us can do save to commit ourselves once again to doing what we can to make sure women don't wind up dead just because they don't want to stay with some guy.
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PAT said...

So Very Sad...The Only Good Out of This Tragedy Is That People(Women & Men) RECOGNIZE That... Domestic, Emotional/Mental, Physical & Sexual Abuse Is NOT Love...And, That They Realize That They Need Help OR Get Out of The Situation...It Truly Does get Down To Life and Death...Especially These Days, It Seems.