May 25, 2010

Del Mastro makes case for unseating Nicastro

Press release from Peter Del Mastro, the Republican state House candidate in the 79th District:

Del Mastro Gets GOP Endorsement For 79th District Race
Bristol, Connecticut - May 25, 2010  -   At its nominating convention last evening, the Bristol Republican Town Committee overwhelmingly endorsed Peter J. Del Mastro as its candidate for the 79th District seat currently held by Frank Nicastro, the Democrat incumbent.
During his acceptance speech, Del Mastro acknowledged beating Nicastro is a difficult task, but outlined a strategy that he believes will lead to victory in November.
Del Mastro’s campaign will have a two-pronged focus: Returning prosperity to the people of Connecticut, and returning fiscal discipline to the Legislature. He stated that we must have good paying jobs with great benefits if we are to bring prosperity to the State. In addition, we cannot allow government to take an increasing portion of taxpayer dollars. Otherwise, it will prosper at the expense of the people.
Del Mastro made his case, in part, by pointing to the two huge revenue streams that came on line in the 1990s - Slot Machine Revenue and Income Tax Revenue. Both have since been completely absorbed by tremendous increases in State spending, putting Connecticut back into financial distress.

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Anonymous said...

Lets go Peter! He is EXACTLY what this state needs!

Anonymous said...

Heard that Ward will be supporting

Guess he and Nicastro broke up.

Anonymous said...

Another loser. It'll be a contest between Welch, Betts and him to see who gets less votes. The Bristol GOP is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"Heard that Ward will be supporting DelMastro"

--Where'd you here that? I doubt Ward would publically support this guy, although he and Cootch were always rivals with Frank and Wilson.

Anonymous said...