May 11, 2010

Political newcomer takes aim at Nicastro

State Rep. Frank Nicastro, a two-term Democrat and former mayor, won’t get a free ride to reelection after all.
Republican newcomer Peter Del Mastro, a 66-year-old businessman, said Tuesday he’s taking on Nicastro out of concern that the state is in serious trouble.
“I’ve become increasingly concerned about what I see going on in Hartford,” Del Mastro said, pointing to lawmakers’ decision to put no money into a grossly underfunded employee pension plan, pulling cash out of the rainy day account and borrowing more money.
Del Mastro, 66, said he can provide leadership “to get this fixed” and to reverse the anti-business atmosphere in Connecticut that has undermined its competitiveness and clamped down on its growth.
Nicastro, a retired truant officer, has represented the 79th District since upending longtime state Rep. Kosta Diamantis in a 2006 primary fight. Other than the first primary he ever ran in, Nicastro hasn’t lost a political race in more than two decades of public service.
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Anonymous said...

I read todays paper and i can not figure out why its ok for a republician to stay in office for14yrs. like Hamzy but a democrate can not stay and by the way whit is not a fresh face.

Anonymous said...

Where did this guy buy his suit? It hurts my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Nicastro "all about me" needs to go!!!