May 10, 2010

Reporters running for political office

There probably isn't a reporter out there who doesn't watch politicians in action and think to themselves, wow, I could do better with my eyes closed and my feet locked in cement.
But then the thought passes.
For most of us in the news business, the politicians are on one side and we're on the other. We do our thing -- and garner both praise and scorn in the process -- and they do theirs, for better or worse.
But sometimes the temptation gets too great, especially for the television news folks who have always lived on the thin edge between entertainment and journalism.
That's why former TV anchor Janet Peckinpaugh is in the running for the 2nd District congressional seat, a move that required her to switch her registration from unaffiliated to Republican a couple of months ago.
And it's why Shelly Sindland, the Fox 61 reporter who's leaving the station next month, is at least pondering a state House run in West Hartford.
They'll have name recognition and the advantage of already knowing most of the political players.
But reporters who switch sides -- who go from 'us' to 'them' -- are venturing into dangerous territory.
Because we all know that about the only thing worse than a journalist is a politician.
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Anonymous said...

For most of us in the news business, the politicians are on one side and we're on the other.

ONLY if the politician is a republican

Anonymous said...

not true the press obama a free pass

Anonymous said...

i worked with janet. she's quite two faced. at least she's finally in the right arena for it.

Odin said...

Yeah, and the news media didn't totally kiss Bush Junior's ass for four years? They were calling his unprovoked invasion of Iraq "The War On Terror" from Day One!

Anonymous said...

Janet should stick to cheesy infomercials or spending some of that lawsuit money...

NOT mine said...

May 11, 2010 1:45 PM

I guess someone would RATHER forget the media CREATING stories in an attempt to destroy G.W.

Let's try to be fair .... The PRESS HATED G.W. and made NO attempt to hide it .

Now w/ Obama bin Biden it's an entirely different story . The press is having spiritual rebirth fawning over this admin.

Anonymous said...

May 11, 2010 7:45 PM

And for good reason. Obama is "the man."

In comparison, baby Shrub was the worst president in our country's history. He and his cohorts (especially Cheney and Rove) should be facing jail time for what he/they did to this great country.

String 'em up!

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I miss President Bush and his love for God and country! Election 2012 can't come too soon, let's just hope this "president" with the chip on his shoulder doesn't do so much damage that we can't recover.

Anonymous said...

As a politician, or public servant, I have always found reporters to be devious and untruthful. That's why their articles are called "stories." A reporter running for office cannot be a good thing.

Steve Collins said...

Oddly, I've rarely found reporters to be devious or untruthful. Sometimes they're not too bright. And oftentimes stories are oversimplified, of necessity usually, because of limited space and the need to be understood by a mass audience.
Politicians, on the other hand...
Actually, most of them are reasonably truthful, too.

NOT mine said...

Obama is "the man."

String 'em up!

May 12, 2010 11:06 A.m.

Right on ..... couldn't have put it better myself

abusers said...

11)6 - difference is that many of the incarcerated prisoners have acutually fessed up to their crimes.