May 22, 2010

On the scene at the Democratic convention

There's no doubt the Democrats are the more animated party.
This morning, while bleary-eyed delegates wandered in to the Connecticut Exposition Center, collecting a bagel and a cup of coffee from Dan Malloy's campaign on the way, they had to maneuver between chanting hordes for both Malloy and Ned Lamont.
Lamont even had a drum corps with dancers. As one delegate told me, "There's something awful about hearing a loud BOOM-BOOM-BOOM after a night of drinking."
Bristol delegates, though, appeared pretty eager to get down to the business of voting.
Terry Parker, one of the delegates from the Mum City, said the cheering outside reminded him of competing crowds at a football games.
"I just want the game to begin," Parker said.
Mayra Berrios Sampson, a former city Democratic chair, said she loves "the whole process" at state conventions, where she sees lots of old friends.
Mary Rydingsward, another Bristol delegate, pictured above, said this is her first convention.
"I've got to have fun or I'm not doing it again," she said.
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incumbent OUT !!!! said...

"There's something awful about hearing a loud BOOM-BOOM-BOOM after a night of drinking."
Ain't it great to have such dedicated folks making critical decisions for our future .

Anonymous said...

"a night of drinking"? Yep, must be the Dem convention.

Anonymous said...

One thing about the Dems, they generally have better looking women involved like Mary. Although the GOP has a small army of young bimbos running around the capitol, or maybe those are lobbyists?

Anonymous said...

12:36 PM, thanks for your astute political analysis. Pinhead.

Anonymous said...


Why would you let such a Sexist comment be posted? Serves no real purpose and is exactly what you were complaining about a week ago. I know you don't want to censor, but come on...

Anonymous said...

Why is it sexist to state that Mary is attactive?

Maybe she's attractive because of her opposition to the tax hike combined with the fact that she looks nice and has a nice smile?

I guess some butt ugly liberal Dem must be jealous.