May 12, 2010

Calhoun coming to Bristol

Jim Calhoun, coach of the UConn men's basketball team, is slated to join with sports guru Dan Doyle for a fundraising event in Bristol on Thursday, June 10.
The pair are coming under the auspices of the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame, The Bristol Tramps and the Board of Education, according to city Councilor David Mills.
The pair are helping to raise money for a therapeutic horse riding center in Bristol to boost autistic children, a clearly worthy cause.
Details to follow.
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NOT mine said...

Come to conn. where an elderly gym teacher in his decline can still get paid 2.6 MILLION dollars a year .

Ct. is nearing bankruptcy yet , we can still waste cash on a loser.

But , because we won't allow him to pick his replacement we WIN !!!!

Ya just gotta love it .

Anonymous said...

Let him stay home.

shame said...

1:54 & 4:32 - the children thank you for your lack of compassion, understanding and your display of selfishness rooted with the inability to relate to anything other than that which would provide your greedy, self-serving ego with undeserved self-adolation.
For the sake of the child, I pray that no child within your care is ever victim to these conditions which you so ignorantly ignore.

Anonymous said...

How much is it costing us? Calhoun doesn't do anything for free, he wants to get paid every last dime, who cares about the budget problems.