May 17, 2010

City may hold public hearing on downtown deal Monday

A public hearing on the proposed deal between the city and Renaissance Downtowns is likely to be held Monday, with the City Council voting on the agreement immediately afterward.
Mayor Art Ward said that copies of the proposal will be available at the city’s libraries, the city clerk’s office and on the city’s website today.
He said that city councilors are eager to hear what residents have to say about the proposal that could lead to the revitalization of the former mall property purchased by the city in 2005 for $5.3 million.
City Councilor Ken Cockayne said he’s sure some people will question whether the city is getting enough money for the 17-acre site, which has swallowed more than $8 million in municipal and state money counting the demolition of the mall, various studies and upkeep.
But, he said, he believes it’s nonetheless a good deal for the city and is “very confident” that the council will back it.
Frank Johnson, the head of the Bristol Downtown Development Corp., said he hopes to see the agreement given final approval Monday so it can be signed on Tuesday.
Johnson said Tuesday marks the end of 120-day period the BDDC established for reaching a deal with Renaissance.

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Anonymous said...

How long to put it together and the city wants the people to review it in 5 days?

What are they hiding?

Anonymous said...

If they have to complete the deal by Tuesday, why even bother to have a public hearing?

Such a farce!

Anonymous said...

Was there anyonne at the BDDC meeting?

Anonymous said...

Another Ward called meeting at 5:30

Nice going Artie!