May 12, 2010

Downtown deal likely to be disclosed next week

Officials involved in the negotiations between the city and Renaissance Downtowns, the Long Island-based developer, say that only a few details need to be polished off before the Bristol Downtown Development Corp. can endorse the proposed agreement. [See reporter Jackie Majerus' story here.]
In all likelihood, the BDDC will back the deal Monday. That's the moment when the details will be made public, said Edward Krawiecki, Jr, the city attorney.
Krawiecki said the agreement will be posted on the city website and copies will be distributed widely, including some for the city libraries.
It is likely the City Council will hold a special meeting to give its blessing to the agreement on Monday, May 24 or Tuesday, May 25, providing residents with about a week to study the materials before a final decision is made.
I'm not sure what the details of the deal are. I've heard conflicting rumors. But I'm sure there is a clear timetable laid out for Renaissance to follow in its quest to revitalize the city-owned 17-acre site where the downtown mall stood until 2008.
I believe that Renaissance will likely make a payment to the city for the property, but I strongly doubt that Bristol will get anything close to the $8 million or more that it's pumped into the site since 2005. We may find out Monday.
One thing is for sure: it will be nice to have all of this move out from the shadows and into the public arena again.
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Anonymous said...

Lets hope they dont screw this deal up.

hope said...

4:33 - let's hope that you are not a part of it so that it doesn't get screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Will the public have anything to say about the DEAL?

Anonymous said...

3:24 PM, Of course the public will have their say. If you are so concerned about the DEAL, then attend the meetings, read the paper, write a letter, make a phone call...

Anonymous said...

Interesting OP-ED in Sundays Herald Press, page 12.

"Two cities: one open, one closed.
New Britain and Bristol.

Guess which one is closed!!

Shades of Couture and Deputy Mayor Ward, now Mayor Ward, all over again.

And HE just reappointed ALL of them again.

loser said...

9:10 - and thank goodness, you aren't one of them - yuk, yuk

Anonymous said...

I doubt that he public will have much to say.
How can one go to a meeting and speak when the information, the plan, or whatever is not redily available?
Do YOU know what is in it?
Will it be published in the paper?
Whar will it cost to buy it?