May 18, 2010

Zydanowicz claims he'll win Republican nomination

Press release issued a few minutes ago by GOP congressional hopeful Mark Zydanowicz:


WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (May 18, 2010) -- 
Based on preliminary results, Republican First District Congressional candidate Mark Zydanowicz is quickly building support among Republican delegates who will select a nominee on May 21, according to Campaign Executive Director Angelo DiMatteo.faceshot

"Mark is out there listening, talking and building a consensus among delegates," said DiMatteo. "Our tactics are not about trying to change anyone's mind, or call in some old favors that other candidates in this race are trying to do."

Zydanowicz emphasizes the importance to talk with delegates and listen to their concerns regarding how the federal government functions.

"The more I listen the more I learn," said Zydanowicz. "Our delegates are involved in a very serious process of selecting who will represent them in Washington. They know what's at stake, but they have very important ideas and suggestions on what to do and I need to process those ideas into action for them."

Zydanowicz has been on the campaign trail since January visiting town committees and businesses as well as talking to citizens and community leaders.

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