May 9, 2010

Visconti is back.

The Republican field in the 1st District is growing again.
Former West Hartford town councilor Joe Visconti, who tried to defeat U.S. Rep. John Larson two years ago, is taking aim at the East Hartford Democrat again.
Visconti joins two other GOP contenders already in the race -- dairy executive Mark Zydanowicz of West Hartford and Ann Brickley, a Wethersfield businesswoman.
Considering that Larson has routinely thumped everybody the Republicans have thrown against him, including Visconti, it's at least interesting that a trio of challengers has emerged in this strange political year.
I'll try to get hold of Visconti Monday to find out more details. He's always colorful.
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zero for three said...

the three of them together couldn't get 1/3rd of the total support that Larson will have - waste of time and energy.

Anonymous said...

Three up.
Three down.
Larson will not go down, so save your money.
None of these Repugs stand a chance (especially Visconti)! Their egos have blinded them from the facts. John is one incumbent who is very, very, very safe.

Anonymous said...

Betcha Mocabee is flying high with that announcement!

Positively Right said...

Visconti: GO AWAY! ...and take Brickley with you.