May 27, 2010

Brickley lashes out at Larson

Press release from Ann Brickley, the endorsed Republican candidate in the 1st District:

Hartford, CT --Ann Brickley, the Republican endorsed candidate for the First Congressional District said today that in the past five years Congress has spent billions funding the development of a fighter engine that would compete with the Pratt and Whitney engine which powers the Joint Strike Fighter.
Congressman John Larson did his usual song and dance by stating that the funding is a as “a prime example of wasteful spending,” (Hartford Courant, May 27) while he continues to donate thousands of dollars to the campaigns of fellow congressmen who are voting in favor of the alternate development funding. He has already contributed to more than 80 campaigns for the 2010 election. “We have now witnessed the same scenario for five years,” Brickley said. Much of the money he is contributing came from Connecticut residents supporting his campaign PAC. 
The Air Force doesn’t want the alternate engine, the Navy doesn’t want it and the Secretary of Defense said publically said it would be a complete waste of tax dollars, yet the congressional charade goes on.  “If we keep funding development there will certainly be an effort to use the engine.  This would be a catastrophic loss to Pratt and Whitney and Connecticut,” Brickley continued.
“As the number four leader in the House of Representatives, Congressman Larson should be able to stop this obscene waste and the stop should have come in the Armed Services Committee that voted to include $485 million dollars for further development of the alternative engine last week,” Brickley concluded.

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