May 6, 2010

Brickley backs busway

On at least one issue, Republican congressional hopeful Ann Brickley is taking a very different route than the other GOP contender vying for the right to challenge U.S. Rep. John Larson.
While West Hartford’s Mark Zydanowicz strongly disagrees with Larson’s support for the $573 million busway between Hartford and New Britain, Brickley backs it.
Brickley, a Wethersfield native who formally announced her candidacy this morning, said the busway is “the practical solution” to the growing congestion on Interstate 84 that threatens to leave commuters fuming in their cars before too many years pass.
Zydanowicz took a strong stance in favor of dumping the busway and pushing instead for a commuter rail line that would run between Waterbury and Hartford, including stations in Bristol, Plainville, New Britain, Newington and West Hartford.
Brickley said that a “very detailed study” was done that took a look at all the facts. It determined, she said, that a busway was the best option.

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Anonymous said...

What loser. This chick sounds worse then Larson. Go away.

Anonymous said...

Kiss away any hope of getting any votes now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, too bad..she sounded like a good choice. My votes with Z now.