May 2, 2010

Courant to kids: Get lost

One look at today's Sunday comics in The Hartford Courant is all the proof anyone needs that newspapers are giving up on the future.
The one section that many children still pay some attention to -- the comics -- is now so squeezed in the Courant that five different Sunday strips are on its front (where three were before). The last page has, if I can count them properly, eight strips.
In the good old days, sometimes a single strip would take a page.
As it is, the print and pictures are so tiny that kids can barely make sense of them and older people, well, they can sort of see there's something there.
This is appalling.
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Anonymous said...

Page reduction due to cost Steve, come on!

Steve Collins said...

Of course it's cost-cutting. What else would it be?
But it's a strange business model to wipe out page after page, especially those devoted to future readers. It's a lot like the old bleeding that physicians would do, sometimes until the patient ran out of blood, and died.