May 24, 2010

Blumenthal still way up in polls

With the conventions over and a freshly minted apology, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal appears to have weathered the storm created by a New York Times story that pointed out occasions when Blumenthal falsely claimed to have served in the Marines in Vietnam.
Polling done on May 19 and 20 for the candidate finds him still well ahead and still well liked in Connecticut.
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incumbent OUT !!! said...

I read the supposed "apology" you posted here . STEPHEN ..... THAT was NOT an apology . You should really become familiar w/ the dictionary prior to posting such drivel .

Anonymous said...

You're not asking the right people!

Anonymous said...

I think that McMahon made a big mistake in "leaking" the story to the media. Once the entire video came out it was obvious her campaign was playing dirty politics. She was once viewed as a woman of integrity that was interested in helping CT regain what it has lost, but then when they interviewed her and she had that smug smile on her face saying that she was just giving information to the media, she lost all credibility with many people. She should have remembered that she is still someone that no one knows and that Blumenthal's track record is stronger than hers.

Even though I'm a democrat, I liked her until this story came out. She proved that she is nothing more than another trickster. The only reason the GOP endorsed her is because she is paying for her campaign herself and they don't have to go begging for money for her.

Anonymous said...

5:54 PM - I agree!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5:54. Dirty Politics is no way to gain support from voters. She lost my vote the minute the story came out.

Anonymous said...

5:54 P.M.

I also liked her until I found out that she was behind this story. It is sad to see the real face of a dirty politician...after you were positively impressed with her/him.

She does not have my vote anymore!

pac said...

Blumenthal said what he said.He lost my vote.

incumbent OUT !!!! said...

Once the entire video came out it was obvious her campaign was playing dirty politics.

At one point he claimed to have served in Vietnam ... at another point he claimed to have served during the vietnam war .

I really do NOT see a significant difference between these claims . He NEVER left the U.S. in his entire military years , yet , by use of either /both statements he is CLEARLY attempting to leave us with the impression he is a Vietnam War veteran.

I applaud Linda for having the balls to let Ct. KNOW what a lying, worthless piece of shit bloomie is .

Anonymous said...

Blumenthal lied in order to gain more support. Linda's people realized this and gave it to the Times. That makes her dirty? Because she brought the truth to light? If you think the liar is the good guy, you simply have a terrible values system. If the shoe was on the other foot, Blumenthal would never have restrained himself from "leaking". In fact, he won't need to find any dirt. I'm sure he'll be "misspeaking" about Linda very soon.

Anonymous said...

Linda has my vote.
At least she will work to help businesses come back to Connecticut whereas the person who "mispoke" from the other party is so anti business, anti connecticut.
We can not grow as a state if we chase away the jobs no matter what lack of military service a person may or may not have!

Anonymous said...

McMahon was a nobody before. Now she's just a dirty nobody.

Anonymous said...

I knew who Linda McMahon was YEARS before I heard of Tricky Dick Blumenthal. She's hardly a "nobody". And I thank her for discovering that Blumenthal was never in Viet Nam and has been lying about that. His behavior is inexcusable. Maybe he could make up for it by heading out to Afganistan. He won't though, his hair might get messed up.