November 6, 2007

Cold and wet at the polls

Republican Party Chairman Art Mocabee reports that it "is cold and wet" and the polls.
"That may account for some light turn out," he said.
He said that "most people are pleased with the new machines but some issues have been raised. For example, one voter indicated that it is now a two step process instead of one in a voter both and that it takes longer. He was concerned about a heavy turnout and how long it would take."
Mocabee said, "We need to be able to vote by cell phone...we do everything else by the cell nowadays!"

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Anonymous said...

We can vote by phone already Mocabee - wake up. Says alot for people who can't get their butts out of their cars and vote.

Anonymous said...

Some people can find fault anywhere, anytime, with anybody. To bad, these people must have had a bad childhood or were delt an evenly distributed hand of crap for life!