March 12, 2009

More Press news

There's not too much to say about yesterday's meeting with our new executive editor, Jim Smith.
He doesn't have horns. In fact, he's a pretty mild-mannered, reasonable guy who happens to have a burning desire to see great journalism done.
Things are definitely looking up. 

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Concerned Conservative said...

"...he's a...guy who happens to have a burning desire to see great journalism done."

And you're at the Press for what then?

Steve Collins said...

Thanks, CC. I was kind of missing you there for awhile.

Floss said...

Our sentiments also Steve, "kind of missing CC - like a bad toothache.

Anonymous said...

CC is a hemorroid, in every sense of the word.

Concerned Conservative said...

LOL, you actually think there is or will be "great journalism" from the Bristol Press? God bless your small town, sophistication-less selves.

Steve Collins said...

Actually, CC, The Bristol Press has had some great journalism for many, many years. My hope, though, is that we'll get even better.
I do know that no matter how great the Press is, I can count on you to jeer from the sidelines. Maybe you ought to get in the game instead?